FAB Group

FAB Group


Who are FAB?

The FAB (Fantastic and Brilliant) Group is a group of young people aged 11 to 25 who have SEND. Every month, the FAB Group come together to make friends, share experiences and exchange insights into support for young people with SEND in the local area and beyond.

The monthly meet ups alternate between in-person meetings and online meetings, to suit the preference of as many people as possible. In-person meetings are usually held at Young People’s Service on the West Road, Newcastle.


What is it like to be part of FAB?

Everyone who is part of FAB has a say in what the group gets up to and how the group is run. If you join, you can expect a safe, welcoming space where your voice will be respected. Even the name ‘FAB (Fabulous and Brilliant)’ was chosen by group members!

With support from the Children North East team, the FAB Group choose and visit different places in Newcastle. After a visit, they feedback as a group on their experience and how inclusive they felt it was, helping the venue to improve the experience they offer to other young people who have SEND. Previous visits have included BALTIC art gallery, the Centre for Life science centre, the Lane 7 bowling alley and the city’s universities.

Other activities, chosen by FAB members, have included making fun videos during lockdown and interviewing local musicians such as Joe McElderry. Children North East also organise guest speakers to come along and share useful information (such as knowing your rights) and highlight support that is available to young people who have SEND.


Why was FAB set up?

The FAB Group was set up because we know some of the people best placed to share insights into things that could benefit young people with SEND are… other young people with SEND! We also believe in the importance of a support network of people who understand.


How can I be confident it will be a safe experience?

The FAB Group has been running for over five years and is one of our most established groups for young people. The Children North East team who work with FAB members are all experienced in supporting young people, and some specialise in working with young people with SEND. We are also able to support with transport to and from meetups if travel is a barrier to attendance.

In response to lockdown, we adjusted to online sessions and now alternate between in-person meetings and online meetings, so you can attend in the way you feel is safest. We always listen to and follow what members of the group are comfortable with when making decisions about meetups.


How do I join FAB?

If you would like to know more about the FAB Group, or are interested in joining, get in touch with our Young People’s Services team on 0191 273 3997 or via our Contact Form.