BU Wellbeing Course


A transformative mental health intervention

The BU Wellbeing Course is an early intervention that supports children and young people to build resilience and develop the foundations for positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. Delivered in schools to small groups, the six week course offers a proven approach for supporting 7 to 16 year olds who may be struggling to communicate and manage their emotions or who are at risk of developing more severe mental health difficulties in the future. Informal and fun, the course centres on creative activities which explore topics such as coping with negative emotions, friendships and self-image.

Supporting schools to excel at wellbeing support

On the frontline of safeguarding children and young people’s wellbeing, every school will be familiar with the challenges of finding effective support pathways for pupils dealing with, or at risk of, mental health challenges, such as anxiety, trauma and disordered eating.

The BU Wellbeing Course brings third-party expertise on site and provides alternative intervention for pupils. Schools will benefit from:

  • Increased capacity to deliver mental health support,
  • Support for staff managing the requirements of pastoral care,
  • Demonstrating to Ofsted a proactive ‘in school support’ approach to mental health,
  • A programme complimentary to PHSE and RSE curriculum requirements.

For more information contact Paula Hamilton on [email protected] or 07809215387.


“The results with the children speak for themselves. I have complete confidence in Children North East. They have been excellent.” Teacher