School Counselling Service

Support your pupils to flourish with better mental health

Children North East’s in-school counselling service gives students struggling with their mental health the opportunity to access professional, expert therapeutic care onsite. Pupils dealing with mental ill health or trauma such as bereavement, abuse or family crisis have the opportunity to work through their issues, develop effective coping strategies and lay the foundations for mental good health. Working with thousands of children and young people every year to improve mental health and wellbeing. Our contacts are bespoke to the needs of the school and can include 1-2-1 support, group sessions and drop-ins.

“He is typically so hard to engage and doesn’t often get on well with adults. I am pleasantly surprised at how much he has joined in and been an active member of the group. He struggles with emotions and often lashes out at peers, so seeing him be so supportive and open to talking about his anger and emotions is wonderful.” Headteacher about a Year 11 counselling participant

Putting pupil health at the heart of pastoral care

Therapeutic support is recognised by both the NHS and Ofsted as a powerful and important intervention for children and young people experiencing mental health challenges. By working with Children North East on this essential pastoral provision the school will benefit from onsite healthcare professionals, as well as:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to the highest standard of pastoral support for pupils
  • Benefitting from a pathway of support to address issues such as negative behaviours or poor attendance
  • Ensuring pupils are given the best opportunity to fulfil their potential and therefore school outcomes
  • Evidencing to Ofsted a proactive ‘in school support’ approach to mental health
  • Increased capacity to deliver mental health support

100% of the 400+ children and young people accessing Children North East counselling in the last two years have stated their mental health has improved as a result.

“I’ve never seen her show so much confidence. She has been really struggling with anxiety these last few months and seeing her up there talking in front of her friends and adults is just fantastic!” Teacher of counselling participant

Children North East is a member of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition. All its counsellors hold a Level 5 certificate or above in counselling.

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