Poverty Proofing

Our team are national founders and leaders of the Poverty Proofing initiative, which works with schools and organisations to identify and overcome the barriers that children and young people from families with less financial resources face.

Poverty Proofing the School Day

Poverty Proofing the School Day is a project developed by Children North East. The project provides a toolkit to poverty proof the school day, to reduce stigma and remove barriers to learning and to assist schools in exploring the most effective way to spend pupil premium allocation. Poverty Proofing the School Day consists of an audit for each individual school, questioning pupils, staff, parents and governors.

The result is an action plan tailored to each individual school to address any stigmatising policies or practices. There is then the opportunity to be awarded an accreditation following a review visit. We also offer training to staff and governors on poverty and its impact on education.

Poverty Proofing the School Day – COVID-19 Response

With the impact of poverty being felt by increasing numbers of families, this response has been designed to support schools identify strategies to best aid their children.

It will be delivered remotely and will consist of  a one day training course for a member of SLT on poverty, the impact of poverty and the poverty proofing ethos and approach; this trained individual will return to school with a reflection that the member of staff leads the senior leadership team through.

One of our experienced Poverty Proofing researchers will remotely carry out:

  • A consultation with students on the new challenges they are facing;
  • consultation with SLT following the completion of the assessment document; and
  • staff briefing including training on the impact of poverty and the poverty proofing ethos.

If you are interested in our COVID-19 response, please contact Lorna from our Schools Team on lorna.nicoll@children-ne.org.uk.

Poverty Proofing

Our successful Poverty Proofing team are expanding their unique and impactful nationally recognised programme. They are currently:

Delivering a pilot programme to Poverty Proof Early Years settings.

Building on our work with the cultural sector who are keen to explore how Poverty Proofing can highlight the gaps in their services for poorer families.

The need for Poverty Proofing: greater than ever

‘Poverty is not a thing of the past’! This was the insightful tale of one young person we consulted with nearly 10 years ago in the North East. Since this statement, child poverty levels have continued to rise with 30% of all children in the UK suffering the effects of poverty prior to Covid-19. The latest figures are bleak with an additional 200,000 predicted to be now living in poverty since the start of the pandemic. We know that this figure is conservative, at the very least it is the tip of the iceberg.

The stark inequalities that are faced by those living in poverty demonstrate the increased need to ensure schools, the cultural sector and early years provision are accessible and affordable to those suffering the effects of poverty.  With increased poverty figures, and families suffering greater depths of poverty and its effects, it is vital that staff and volunteers supporting children and young people are trained on the impact of poverty, and are made aware of how to respond to the voice and experience of those who are drowning in poverty daily.

To find out more, contact our Poverty Proofing team.