Peer Mentoring

Sometimes adults just don’t get what it’s like to be a young person today. So, when it comes to dealing with a problem another young person near their age can be the right person to talk to. But not everyone has an older family member or friend to help them. That is why we created our peer mentoring services.

Youth Link

Youth Link is the name for our young people’s peer mentoring service.  Youth Link helps to improve communication and relationships between young people (aged 12 to 18 years old) and their school and families. It helps young people to strengthen their confidence and self-esteem.  Young people are matched with a trained volunteer (who is usually just a few years older) who will help them to look at their difficulties and help them come up with solutions to problems they have.

We have helped hundreds of young people over the last 10 years to access a peer mentor and get effective support on issues such as bullying, family and school problems.  With this experience we can help train your teachers and other school staff to create an effective mentor programme in your school.

We can work with your school to provide a bespoke peer mentoring support package based on the needs and goals you wish to achieve for your students. This can include:

Creating a peer mentoring service based on student’s social and emotional wellbeing or tutoring academic support
Delivering the peer mentoring service within the school on your behalf
Training for your staff to skill them in setting up a peer mentoring service on your own
Provide one day consultancy to help you plan, set up and implement an effective peer mentoring service including the necessary processes, structures and impact measurements to demonstrate its success
We can train your students through our peer mentoring programme