Poverty Proofing

Poverty affects nearly one in three children in the UK today. For these children school can be a daily struggle filled with stigma and barriers to learning such as school trips, homework and hidden costs of school.

Poverty Proofing the School Day supports schools to identify and overcome the barriers to learning that children and young people from families with less financial resources face.

Our independent, expert Poverty Proofing Team can support your school with an audit which speaks to all students in the school and questions staff, parents and governors on how they see poverty affecting the school day. The result is an action plan tailored to your school to address any unintended stigmatising policies or practices and to celebrate and share excellent practice.

Phil Clayton, Huntcliff School, said:

Poverty Proofing is not an Ofsted, it’s not an inspection and it is not even a judgement. You get a list of suggestions about how we can make your already great school even better.

Now in its fifth year we know Poverty Proofing the School day really works. An independent evaluation by Newcastle University, found that it improves attendance, attainment, uptake of free school meals and uptake of school trips and music tuition.

Poverty Proofing has already improved the school life of over 100,000 children and young people in the North East and across the country.

How we’ve adapted during the Coronavirus Pandemic

To continue improving the school lives of children and young people, we have adapted our Poverty Proofing the School Day into an online package.

To find out more about how we can help your school and students please visit www.povertyproofing.co.uk, contact our team on 0191 256 2449 or use the contact us form.