Peer Mentoring

Sometimes adults just don’t get what it’s like to be a young person today.  So when it comes to dealing with some problems another young person near your age could be the right person to talk to.  But not everyone has a friend to help them.  That is why we created our peer mentoring services.

Youth Link – Newcastle and Northumberland

Youth Link is the name for our young people’s peer mentoring service.  Youth Link helps to improve communication and relationships between you (as long as you are aged 11 to 18 years old) and your family, help you make friends, strengthen your confidence and self-esteem.

We match you with a trained volunteer (who is usually just a few years older).  They will help you to look at your difficulties and help you to come up with solutions to your problems.  We have helped hundreds of young people through Youth Link on issues such as bullying, loneliness, family and school problems.

This is a free service, to find out more use our contact us form, or ring our Youth Link teams in Newcastle on 0191 273 3997 or Northumberland on 01670 353394.

Specialist Peer Mentoring for Girls in Northumberland

We can also provide specialist peer mentoring support to young girls (aged 11 to 18) who are affected by or at risk of violence or abuse in the Tynedale and Blyth areas of Northumberland.  We can help you if you have experienced mental health issues, are a young carer, you’ve experienced family breakdown, have been a victim of or witness to domestic violence, have any disabilities or have drug or alcohol concerns.

This is a free service, to find out more use our contact us form or ring our Youth Link team in Northumberland on 01670 353394.

You can also register to become a peer mentor within any of our mentoring services or refer someone for peer mentoring here.