PLUS Group: LGBTQ+ Support

PLUS Group (People Like US) is a safe space for people under 19 who are wanting or needing support relating to their gender or sexuality.

We offer a non-judgmental and supportive place to come every Wednesday evening, where we have lots of chatter, sometimes do issue-based activities such as mental wellbeing or physical and sexual health, and make links to local organisations such as housing and police.

We always welcome new people, so don’t be afraid to come along for a chat to see what support you might need. You can learn more on the PLUS Group website.

Think PLUS Group could benefit you or someone you know?

For more information contact at

Learn more on the PLUS Group website

What can you expect in the group?

In our group everyone is allowed to present in the way they are comfortable. Group members work on a shared agreement to respect each other. It is a place to have fun and make friends like you.

Everyone is introduced in our Pronoun Around and you can experiment with new ways of identifying safely in the group. You can have help with social issues, family concerns or mental health needs.

How can I be confident it will be a safe experience?

PLUS Group has a 16-year history of working with LGBT young people. Now it is part of the Children North East team, our experienced staff will work with you confidentially. You can self-refer or we will protect your identity, if needed, from other adults around you.