130 for 130

2022 marks the 130th anniversary of Children North East, making us the oldest independent children’s charity in the region! Throughout our history, we have supported children across the North East to help them grow up to be healthy and happy, adapting our work and our services to provide support where it’s needed most. We provide support through every stage of growing up, from pregnancy and early years through to young people entering adulthood.On our 130th anniversary year, we are asking 130 businesses to become supporters and donate a minimum of £130 to help us reach our target of £65,000. Corporate partnerships are something we want to work on building as a charity this year! We would be thrilled if you chose to support us. 🌟

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– 37% of children living in the North East are growing up in poverty.¹– One in six young people having a diagnosable mental health condition (up from one in 9 in 2017)²– 15% of babies do not have an emotional connection with a supportive and nurturing adult.We are working hard to change statistics like this but we need your help.
Our range of projects includes work with schools to address the inequalities faced by children living in poverty; counselling; peer mentoring and group activities for young people; psychotherapy for expectant parents and new parents to help them bond with their baby and support of families facing many challenges including domestic abuse and relationship breakdown. Read our latest blogs for a deeper insight into our work. Including our mental health servicespoverty truth commission and how we offer lifelines to familiesChildren North East’s work has never been more needed but donations ensure that we can always be there for babies, children, young people and their families, whenever they need support.
Together we are giving children:

  • Better mental health – through our counselling and wellbeing services for children
  • A safer home – by providing domestic abuse support and other crisis services to help families protect their children
  • Improved access to education – by working in partnership with schools to remove barriers facing pupils living in poverty
  • A brighter future – through peer mentoring to build self-esteem, confidence and social skills

We hope you consider donating and join us in helping children and young people to grow up happy and healthy.

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