New Poverty Proofing© Report: Supporting Families in Time of Financial Hardship

Today we are releasing our ‘Supporting Families in Time of Financial Hardship’ resource, co-produced with Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG)Francesca Hogg, from our Poverty Proofing the School Day teamtells us more about this fantastic resource.

As part of our work delivering UK Cost of the School Day with Child Poverty Action Group, today we are publishing ‘Supporting families in times of financial hardship: A short guide on what schools should know and what they can do to support struggling families’.

This resource comes at a time when families across the UK are facing increasing pressures on their family budgets and a squeeze on their income. The resource reflects the views of over 1,900 parents and carers gathered through interviews and surveys from 55 schools across England, Scotland and Wales. It is a reflection on what parents and carers have told us their schools do well to support them, but also their practical ideas and suggestions that schools should consider to help families through challenging economic times.

The guide covers four themes:

1.            Relieving rising costs and pressures

2.            Payment processes

3.            Communicating support

4.            Supporting all families

Many of the suggested actions are straightforward and cost-neutral. They simply encourage schools to think slightly differently about how money is talked about and handled to bring about greater inclusion for those struggling with money or living on a low income.

To find out more about investigating the school day from the perspective of children and young people, please contact our team on [email protected].

Read the full report here