Youth Link Newcastle

Youth Mentor


What is Youth Link Newcastle?

Youth Link Newcastle runs a specific service for young people living with a disability, including SEND. Youth Link matches young people working towards a goal in their life to a peer mentor… someone of a similar age who can support them. The service is available to young people living in a Newcastle Postcode, aged from 11 to 18.

You may have a goal in mind, or someone you know may have suggested that a peer mentor would be great way to overcome a challenge you are facing. Some examples of how a peer mentor could help you include, helping you identify and access useful support, attend activities you are interested in with you, or help you learn new skills.


Why was Youth Link set up?

Sometimes adults just don’t get what it’s like to be a young person today. So, when it comes to dealing with some opportunities or challenges another young person near your age could be the right person to talk to. But not everyone has a friend to help them. That is why we created our peer mentoring services.


What can you expect if you take part in Youth Link?

We will match you with a peer mentor based on shared experiences and interests. Children North East will organise a meet-up for you to get to know each other and decide if you are a good fit. If you are happy to pair with them, together you will look at what you want to achieve and they will help you come up with solutions. Then, over six to twelve sessions you will work together on the solutions you want to pursue.


How can I be confident it will be a safe experience?

Youth Link has been running for over twelve years, and is a well-established peer mentoring service for Young People within the North East.

The Youth Link team are all experienced in supporting young people, and some specialise in working with young people with SEND. All Peer Mentors are giving Award Winning training and support from the charity and are required to pass a DBS check. We are also able to support with transport to and from meetups if travel is a barrier to attendance.


How do I access support from Youth Link Newcastle?

If you would like to know more about Youth Link Newcastle for Young People with Disabilities or to request referral form, contact Sarah Bell, Project Co-ordinator at You can enquire for yourself, or on behalf of someone you think would benefit.

Unfortunately, due to the demand for the service, there is often a waiting list, but we encourage people to get in touch as we may have other suitable, similar support pathways available. If you are currently engaged with the Children and Young People’s Disability Team or other support professionals, we recommend raising your interest with them in case they are able to support your application.


I am waiting for diagnosis, am I able to access Youth Link Newcastle?

Yes, Youth Link Newcastle is open to everyone who identifies as living with a disability, regardless of what stage of diagnosis you are at and find that the support of a peer mentor can be beneficial support for those currently going through the process of diagnosis.