Introduce Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends in your school

Children North East are licenced trainers for three of Partnership for Children’s Skills for Life Programmes:

Zippy’s Friends for pupils in Year 1 and Year 2

Apple’s Friends for pupil in Year 3 and Year 4

Passport for pupils in Year 5 and Year 6

The Skills for Life programmes for schools teach children how to cope with everyday difficulties, how to communicate with and get on with other people, and build self-awareness and emotional resilience.  The fundamental concept behind the programmes is very simple – if we can teach young children how to cope with difficulties, they should be better able to handle problems and crises in adolescence and later life.

The evidence-based programmes are suitable for all children, and are widely used in the UK and over 30 countries around the world.

The programmes are based around stories, with the resources containing full lesson plans, posters, activity sheets and children’s items required to deliver the sessions. The modules cover:

Change and loss
Moving forward

We are pleased to partner with Partnership for Children to offer training for school staff in the North East to deliver these programmes in their schools.

Book Your Place

To book your place contact: [email protected] or ring us on 0191 256 2449
Course cost: £220 per teacher