Student Counselling Placements

Our Counselling Service has been working with children and young people for over 5 years.  During that time we have taken on a handful of student placements for trainee therapists who have brought amazing skills to our team.  We have a diverse counselling service and recognise the benefit of supporting new practitioners through their early development.  Our opportunities are for different types of placement specific to the stage of training you are at.

We are only able to take three to four people on placement each year so it is a competitive process.  People with prior experience working with children and young people and a commitment to continuing in this field are preferred.  Please note- if you have already enquired for 2021, you will be contacted about placement arrangements for this year.  We’re not accepting further applications for this until the restrictions around the current pandemic are lifted.  Dates for 2022 applications will be announced at a later date.

Types of Placement

There are now three types of placement you can request for our service:

  • A Counselling Student Placement is for people on level 5 courses/foundation degrees or in year 2/3 of the Northern Guild training.  Recruitment for these placements will usually open in January of each year to match the academic timetable.  This is to allow you to start near the summer, ready for your second year.
  • A Counselling Volunteer is someone at the end of their initial 100 hours placement or moving into year 4/5 at the Northern Guild/the final year of a counselling degree.  Recruitment for this level will open in January and September.  It will be a shorter recruitment phase at this level as many checks and references may already be in place.  However, you will still need to complete our induction if you are new to the service.
  • University Placements are aimed at people on degree courses in relevant fields, such as Psychology.  We can only offer one placement at this level because it is a much longer, full-time placement.  You will be asked to submit a proposal and will be designing a piece of non-therapeutic work.  Recruitment will usually start in January or February.

If you are interested in volunteering but are at a different level of training or have no therapeutic background, we have volunteering roles in our Young People’s service.  These are a short introduction to the different types of work we do, where you would shadow the youth workers and only participate in supervised work around young people.  Please note we will not be open to this kind of placement until all restrictions are lifted due to the current pandemic.

Please email for more information.