“Babies are always at the heart of the work”: Keeping the Little Minds in Mind

1001 days

There is compelling evidence that the first 1001 days of a child’s life are critical in the development of the brain, so we have to keep the Little Minds in Mind.

“A baby’s first relationship with caregivers forms the blueprint for all future relationships.”

Our Little Minds in Mind programme is something Children North East are immensely proud of as it provides support that is significantly different from any other service in the North East. With insight from our Parent-Infant Therapist, Marie Clark, we want to take the time to share more on the importance of this work.

Becoming a parent is a time in which complicated emotions can arise. It can be hard to cope, but you are not alone. In light of research, our Little Minds in Mind team work with caregivers and their babies from pregnancy to 2 years old, to provide support throughout this transformative period. During this time, parents are particularly receptive to help and support, making it clear that this is an important window of opportunity for all.

“This service is for anyone interested in understanding their baby.”

Little Minds in Mind offers a supportive space to think together about feelings a parent may or may not have towards their baby, to develop an understanding of what the baby is communicating, reflect on how they see and experience the world around them and explore ways of responding.

The idea of asking for help and speaking with a therapist can be daunting, so Marie provides a description of what therapy can be. ‘We provide a safe, open environment in which we like to pull up a chair to be beside you on the journey in exploring, and learning to cope with, the full range of human emotion’. This individual therapy, as well as group sessions, provides an opportunity for honest conversations – to strengthen bonds and to gain support from both trained professionals and those with similar experiences.

“By trying to get things right now, a path is paved towards a better future for the next generation.”

We believe it important to share the research showing that this 1001 days lays the foundation for every child’s future health, wellbeing, learning and earnings potential, which is why Little Minds in Mind is so important. Caregivers learning and adapting creates a positive chain reaction. Children North East’s motivations for this work gravitates around giving caregivers the chance to create healthy relationships and build bright futures for their babies.

“Babies are always at the heart of the work.”

We want to continue acting on this insightful research and providing services that keep the Little Minds in Mind, to give all babies the chance to grow up happy and healthy.

Little Minds in Mind is made possible thanks to thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, as well as Newcastle City Council and NHS Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group.