Raising funds online

Setting up a JustGiving page

It’s quick and easy to set up a JustGiving page to support your fundraising efforts. Having the page available means friends and family can sponsor you in a matter of minutes.

Children North East have their own page on JustGiving and you can set up your own fundraising page from this point – head to justgiving.com/cne and click the ‘Fundraise for us’ box in the top right corner.

Why set up a JustGiving Page?

A JustGiving Page is easy for you to set up and manage and links directly with us meaning you don’t have to worry about collecting money.  JustGiving automatically sends any sponsorship money you get straight to us.  You can use it alongside other traditional methods, including a hard copy sponsor form, and we’ll join it all up so you can easily find out how much you’ve raised when you contact us.

Making the most of your page

You can completely personalise your page to make it more individual to you. You can include stories, images and diary updates to encourage more sponsorship.  Don’t forget to share your fundraising page across your social media networks to further help your reach.

We’re also registered on Virgin Money Giving. 

Raising funds through your social media

Facebook allows supporters to set up their own Facebook fundraising page (in a similar style of a JustGiving page) where people can donate directly through Facebook and it’ll give you your own fundraising page link you can share – you can set this up in Facebook at facebook.com/fund/ChildrenNorthEast. Instagram also recommends adding your Facebook fundraising page link to your Instagram profile for the duration of your fundraising.

Children North East is set up as a charity that people can donate to on Instagram – you can add a donate box to your Instagram Story, found through swiping up from the bottom in your stories, selecting the Donation button, finding Children North East under the list of charities, and the help Children North East/donate box will appear (you can enlarge or shrink the size of the donate box to fit in your post).

You can also raise money through a Facebook post! When adding a post to Facebook, in the options you can click ‘Add to your post’ button, select ‘Raise Money’ and select Children North East.