Celebs show us their socks for Festive Feet Day

A host of famous faces have been putting their best feet forward for our Festive Feet fundraiser, part of our Hope For Christmas appeal this year.

We’ve been sharing their celebrity socks and slippers on our social media channels over the past week and now it’s Festive Feet Day, it’s time for the big reveal! How many famous feet did you manage to guess correctly?

Here are the people who joined in the fun – see if you can guess who’s socks belong to who. Then check if you were correct by scrolling down…

1: These festive feet belong to a North Tyneside writer with murder on their mind

2: These festive feet have trodden the boards of television’s Woolpack Pub in the past

3: This celebrity sock wearer had a ball with us last year and is a good friend of Christmas Carol

4: These ‘Let it Snow’ socks belong to someone who’ll be able to tell us if we’re getting a white Christmas this year

5: These celebrity socks belong to our Number 1’s DS Aiden Healy. But can you name the actor?

6: This celebrity slipper wearer has alter egos called Dennis Patterson; Les & Lesley Conroy and Gastric.

And here’s the BIG REVEAL!


How did you get on?

1: Author of the Vera and Shetland books, Ann Cleeves

2: Charlie Hardwick, who played Val Pollard in TV soap, Emmerdale

3: BBC anchorman, Jeff Brown, who MCd at our Sandcastle Ball last year, co-presenter of Look North with ‘Christmas Carol’ Malia

4: ITV Tyne Tees weatherman, Ross Hutchinson, pictured at our Sandcastle Challenge last year

5: Actor, Kenny Doughty, who plays DS Aiden Healy in the TV hit, Vera

6: Our very own patron, Tim Healy in festive, Tommy Cooper-style, head wear!

Thanks to all our famous feet for being such good sports and to all of YOU for supporting our first Festive Feet Day!