Priorities for the new Government 2024

The general election gives us the opportunity for a major reset by the next government, to ensure our society properly invests in the next generation and tackles once and for all the barriers getting in the way of a happy childhood. 

An Investment Not a Cost: Putting children at the heart of the next Government is our briefing for members of the next Government and those informing policymaking. It provides insights and data and sets out what actions government needs to take to support happy, healthy young lives within families, school and communities. 

Summary of our call on the next Government  

In summary, the top priorities for the next government, for both legislation and investment must be: 

  • Tackling Child Poverty, including delivering a national, cross-departmental strategy to tackle child poverty and reform the Universal Credit system.
  • Prioritising mental wellbeing, including properly resourcing children’s mental health provision to remove long waits and rolling out Early Support Hubs in all communities nationally. 
  • Strengthening families, including addressing access to childcare during school holidays for working parents, early education that provides the best outcomes for children, and early intervention for families who are struggling. 
  • Giving all young people the chance to thrive, including ensuring all children and young people have access to education appropriate to their needs and eliminating long waits for assessments for children presenting with neurodivergent needs 
  • Enabling happy childhoods, including sustainable funding for youth services that are available to all young people all year round and ensuring children have safe spaces to play. 

Download: An Investment Not a Cost