The students creating community in Bishop Auckland

Students from Bishop Auckland College shows that communities can be strengthened by taking time to come together to play!

The young women joined forces to organise a Community Fun Day for local residents with children aged up to five. From outside play to craft time to a hearty lunch, there was something for every child to enjoy, whilst parents and carers meet other families in their area.

One parent, commented, “It was such a lovely positive environment from the moment we walked in. It was nice to talk to the girls and staff too.”

The students put a huge amount of work into creating and delivering a fun day for everyone, from organising the activities to getting the word out to families. Regular sessions to learn, share and put into motion their plans.

Feedback from parents included, “It was a great opportunity for the girls to put into practice what they have learned. From what I observed, it also seemed to be a chance for them to relive their own younger years, and this enthusiasm reflected in how the children engaged with them.”

 Social action, a force for good – for all

 #iwill defines Youth Social Action as the activities that young people do to make a positive difference to others or the environment.

Why does the #iwill Social Action matter? #iwill started because young people from low-income backgrounds were less likely to access the benefits that taking part in social action offers and, in turn, their communities were missing our on their incredible talent, energy, passion and ideas.

The UK-wide #iwill Social Action movement collaborates with organisations like Children North East to hear young people’s ideas for supporting their community – like the Bishop Auckland Event – and empowering them to make it happen.

Sarah Robson, Participation Manager at Children North East, comments, “Giving young people the opportunity to shape the world they live in is an incredibly powerful way to empower young people. The #iwill Social Action movement, who Children North East have a strong, collaborative partnership with, connects young people into their communities and grows their confidence to take social action.”

Not the end…

We are excited to share our Bishop Auckland Social Action project has secured funding to continue its great work from the The National Lottery Community Fund!

Initiated by 15 young people we are working with, the latest 12-month youth-led project will work with 50+ young people who will plan, design and lead four social action projects. Watch this space to see what they achieve over the next year.