The world is a strange place right now!

A lot of people are giving themselves a really hard time right now:
“Why am I not coping better?”
“I have a lot to be grateful for, I shouldn’t be feeling low”
“I should be doing something productive”
“People have it much worse than me”

Right now you are experiencing a change in life that came suddenly and unexpectedly. Like all change this brings loss – loss of connection, freedom and even safety- the list goes on.

We are grieving for what we have lost.

Even if there are positive changes, we should not ignore the losses which have brought pain and struggle. Can you imagine saying any of the things above to someone who was grieving the loss of a loved one? Then why say it to yourself?

Even with the knowledge that this will pass eventually, it can be exhausting.

“And yet somehow, you marvellous human being, you have found a way to carry on through all of it.”


So keep going whatever way you can.

Instead of telling yourself off for not being able to meet unrealistic goals, praise yourself for how much you have adapted too. Give your self breaks, rest and do what you need to to feel connected to others.

DO NOT belittle yourself.

You are doing an incredible job and we ALL need kindness right now.