We need YOUR help ‘Poverty Proofing’ our services

Family Fun Day

Children North East are national founders and leaders of the Poverty Proofing initiative, and over the past ten years we have worked with schools and organisations across the UK to identify and overcome the barriers that children and young people from families with less financial resources face.

Now, we’re turning the tables and putting a spotlight on our own work, to ensure all our current structures and services meet the same high standards of inclusion we support others to meet. We believe that now is an important time to reassess, after the significant disruption and changes to the way we work that took place in the pandemic.

Our aim is to ensure that household income does not impact on people’s ability to work with us, access our services or get involved with the activities we run. We are committed to being accessible to citizens from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

As part of this process we are keen to hear what people (you!) have experienced of Children North East, and would appreciate it if you could complete the brief survey below to share your thoughts.

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If you know anyone who might also be interested in completing the survey, please feel free to share it with them, as we’d love this to get as many responses as possible.