A Dad’s Guide to Your Toddler

You matter to your toddler’s development because when dads and family men are involved your toddler will:

Grow up to be a more confident and secure child.

Be more sociable and will make friends more easily when they start nursery

Have better behaviour in their teenage years

Do well at school and achieve more

Be better at solving problems

Be better at understanding how other people feel

That all sounds good doesn’t it?

So here are some very simple and often free ways that you can get really involved in your toddler’s life:

Make time to play – Rough and tumble play is great for your child, it helps them to take risks and explore the world around them.

Toddler proof your house – cover sharp edges and think about putting some child locks on your kitchen cupboards, or moving dangerous bottles such as bleach to a higher shelf.

Give your child lots of praise!  When they are doing something good give them lots of praise. They are more likely to do it again because of the positive attention they get.

Talk to your toddler – The more you talk, the more they learn, and the more they speak.

Let your toddler help with chores – Allow them to help you with the shopping, unloading the washing machine etc. Make it into a fun game and it will help them to learn important life skills for the future.