Children reaching mental health crisis urgently need your help

Our young people are facing a mental health crisis. This March, we are urgently asking for your support so no child is left without somewhere to turn for help when they are desperate. Just £10 could help us provide life-changing services to a child reaching crisis point.

Why now is the time make a difference:
  • Urgent referrals of under-18s to mental health crisis teams are up 46%. ¹
  • Waits for assessment and NHS treatment are now reaching up to three years. ²

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Just some of the programmes providing a lifeline in this crisis…


DARE Domestic Abuse Recovery Programme

“The connection the children make with each other is incredibly important. They see they are not alone, there can be support and understanding from people within their age group.”

The only programme on it’s kind in the North East, DARE is a group-based recovery programme for children who have experienced domestic abuse. The children’s sessions use play, stories, drawing and games to help them identify their feelings around separation, loss, anger and any abuse they may have suffered. They are then taught new skills around how to express and manage their feelings.

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“Talking helps me, having a place that’s safe to talk helps me feel that I can cope with life, and stops me believing all the rubbish stuff that’s going on in my head.”

Last year the team had 524 referrals into its counselling service, which provides services to 9-25 year olds who have emotional wellbeing and mental health issues including trauma, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bereavement, anxiety and depression.



SAFE: Support for Victims of Sexual Abuse

“Sensitive and difficult discussions were handled with kindness, gentleness and empathy; this has been hugely beneficial.”

One in 20 children in the UK will experience child sexual abuse. Our expert team of mental health professionals are here to provide therapeutic support for victims, their families and others impacted by the abuse.

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BU Wellbeing Course

“The results with the children speak for themselves. I have complete confidence in Children North East.”

Delivered in schools to small groups, the BU Wellbeing Course supports children and young people to build resilience and develop the foundations for positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.

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