“You don’t have to face things alone”: Little Minds in Mind offers a lifeline to families

Little Mind in Mind

We are told the first years of a baby’s life are a time for celebration, learning and bonding, but the reality is that life can bring surprises and challenges. Sometimes, these can impact your relationship with your new baby – but you are not alone; it’s OK to ask for help.

Children North East are pleased to share the launch of a new, funded support programme for parents and carers and their baby, from pregnancy to age two.

The Little Minds in Mind service, previously known as NEWPIP, has secured funding to provide Infant-Parent Psychotherapy, giving caregivers who feel they would benefit from support building their relationship with their baby.


A supportive space to explore your relationship with your baby

Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the most life-changing events any of us experience, but expectations can make it difficult to ask for help if we feel things are getting too much. In the past, families have accessed the team services due to a wide range of issues impacting their experience, including previous trauma, mental health challenges, the impact of other relationships, and navigating having a baby during pandemic restrictions.

Families taking part will also be able to access Infant-Parent Groups and access to relevant learning courses on preparing for, caring for and communicating with babies to those who would benefit.

The Little Minds service offers a supportive space to explore feelings parents and carers have about their new situation, learn about how their baby experiences the world and develop an understanding of how their baby communicates.


One parent’s story

One mam, who accessed support from the team in 2020, shared her experience of accessing support. She explained, “I wasn’t enjoying anything about being a mam. Every single day felt like Groundhog Day and it was pretty depressing.

“I’m not being dramatic when I say it was probably a lifeline. Talking to Marie, my therapist, was confidence building. It hugely changed the relationship – even to this day.

“I remember feeling worried and thinking, ‘What if they think I’m a bad mam?’ But actually, me seeking help meant the opposite, it showed I wanted to be the best mam I could be.”


You don’t have to face things alone

The service is available to caregivers in the North East via professional referral, thanks to funding from the NHS Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group, People’s Postcode Lottery and Newcastle Council.

Louise Bowe, Early Years Team Manager at Children North East, comments, “Accessing the type of therapeutic support Little Minds in Mind provides can be life-changing for new parents and caregivers. The pressure to bond with your new baby can be overwhelming and many fear judgement if they admit things are not perfect. We want people experiencing emotional difficulties in pregnancy or bonding with their child that you don’t have to face things alone and there are funded services like ours that can help.”

More information for professionals is available in leaflet format >
Information for caregivers is also available in leaflet format >
Referrals can be made via our online portal >

If you have any questions or would like to explore how Little Minds in Mind can support you or families you work with, please get in touch with the team at newpip.info@children-ne.org.uk or on 0191 2727 824.

You can also learn more on our Little Minds in Mind website page.